4 Stylish and Durable Ideas for Your At-Home Bar

4 Stylish and Durable Ideas for Your At-Home Bar

Are you considering installing a new home bar or upgrading your current one? If so, you might be looking into trendy new bar designs and what materials to use. If you want your home bar design to prioritize style while also maintaining longevity, you’ll want to check out these four stylish and durable ideas for your at-home bar.

Upgrade Your Countertops

Certain countertop materials will be sturdier than others. For example, stone is more durable than wood or other materials. You may be interested in honing your bartending skills and expect to get lots of use out of your bar countertops. If so, you’ll want to invest in high-quality and durable countertop materials like granite and other types of stone. Just ensure that your bar can support the extra weight by choosing the right countertop mounting brackets.

Install Some Storage

Keep your bar clutter-free, sleek, and stylish by adding some overhead or under-counter storage. Try hanging various tiered or floating shelves above your countertops to achieve that professional bar appearance. You can even add lighting behind or underneath your shelves to illuminate bottles, decorations, and more. This will also keep your countertop clear of excessive bottles and other items that might clutter your space and detract from the overall appearance.

Get a Built-In Bar

If you’re not ready to commit to a full wet bar or don’t have the space at home, consider starting with a built-in bar. A built-in bar is a dry bar that typically consists of a separate counter or another piece of furniture that you build out to be a home bar. A built-in bar usually rests at countertop height and can attach to a wall as its own piece of furniture. Many homeowners create stylish coffee bars and more through this method.

Get a Two-Tier Bar

A two-tier bar is perfect for homeowners who want the countertop space for cooking or preparing drinks as well as some adjacent seating. You typically install a two-tier bar is typically like a kitchen island, though one side of the bar is raised to create a barstool seating area, while the other side is at countertop height. When suspending a countertop overhang for the seating area, you must ensure your countertop materials are well supported, especially if you’re working with sturdy stone materials.

If you want only the most stylish and sturdy looks for your bar, you should remember these four stylish and durable ideas for your at-home bar. You can tackle these design ideas at home if you have the right countertop supports. Shop for countertop mounting brackets and more here at Right On Bracket.