Choosing Between Granite & Onyx Countertop

Right Angle Granite Bracket

Knowing your countertop application is important.

To make your countertop last. We need to make a decision from the start. First we need to know your application.
  • What will you install the countertop?
  • What room in the house or business?
  • What wall or structure are you going to hang this to?
Normally, a Granite counter-top are harder and more dense than onyx counter-tops. These slabs of Granite are favored in kitchens and businesses because of its durability and resistance to chipping and cracking is so much higher than onyx and its very abundant around the globe. It has been imported from just about every continent across the globe. Onyx on the other hand is a bit more brittle than granite counter-tops, yet it has been known to produce very elaborate and beautiful colors and textures. Its a bit more light duty though, Suitable for bathrooms, meeting rooms. Its not recommended to have any plates or other ceramics on top of the onyx either. Again, remember its a bit more brittle than a granite counter-top. Scheduling the install after you have ordered everything you need for counter-top is wise because you are able to double check all your inventory. There are many ways to mount these counter-tops too. Most prefer hidden mounts. Depending on the interior design of the place. Sometimes it looks a bit more tasteful to use exposed right angle brackets. Right On Bracket has plenty to choose from. In the end most applications wont ever need a bracket thicker than 1/2″. Some would even say 3/8″ thick. You can never be to safe anyway. Its just steel. If your confident your wall can hold up a counter-top we are confident our brackets will last longer than that wall you bolt them to. The flat granite bracket is a common choice for Islands and counter-tops.

If you’re in the Portland areas, checkout Keystone Granite Inc for a piece of granite, quartz, marble, or any type of counter-top! They have a great selection!

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