Granite Overhang Limits for Your Kitchen Countertops

Granite Overhang Limits for Your Kitchen Countertops

When it comes to a kitchen renovation, choosing granite for your countertops is a great decision. Granite countertops are durable and add value to your home. But when it comes to installing them, you’ll need to consider your kitchen’s design. If you’re looking for the most optimal use of space, counter overhangs are a great way to achieve this. Use this guide on the different granite overhang limits for your kitchen countertops to help you achieve the design you want.

The Reason Behind Your Overhang

Before you can determine what kind of overhang you want for your kitchen, consider what the purpose behind it is. For example, do you want to create an overhang to use as extra food preparation space? Or will you be using it as a way to create more seating options for large family gatherings?

The purpose behind your overhang will influence whether or not you’ll need additional support such as hidden countertop brackets.

Food Prepping Space

If you want to create a countertop overhang to make more space for food preparation, you can stick to the suggested overhang limit of 12 in. With this limit, you won’t need additional support.

Seating Options

If you want to provide additional seating space, you’ll need to consider what kind of leg room you want to achieve. Using a 12 in. overhang may cause confined leg movement. For seating arrangements, your overhang limit should stay within 15 and 18 in.

Because some granite types are sturdier than others, it’s important to ask your fabricator for the most accurate overhang limits.

Hidden Granite Countertop Brackets

If your overhang will be within that limit of 15-18 in., you’re going to need additional support. Without it, you’ll begin to see the damage accumulate. Rather than worrying about it, choose a reliable support option such as our hidden granite countertop brackets.

With this option, you won’t have to worry about sacrificing leg room space. Its hidden design prevents the bulky look of countertop legs and steel rods. This feature creates an overall modern appearance.

Now you know the granite overhang limits for your kitchen countertops, be sure to choose Right on Bracket to help you finish your renovation. For all your other bracket needs, we can provide you the most reliable and quality filled products. For questions regarding the type of brackets you need, give us a call. Our team is always ready to help.