Hidden Shelf Brackets | Additional Uses

Installing Heavy Duty Hidden Shelf Brackets 

Right On Bracket Hidden Shelf Brackets have a variety of uses. Typically, they’re used for a shelf or granite bar along a wall. However, we’ve had many clients use them for a variety of uses.

Wooden Benches

Hidden Shelf Brackets are perfect for a wooden bench. Just like a shelf, the hidden shelf brackets would be installed directly to a stud. From there, drywall is placed so the bracket is protruding from the wall. Right On Bracket sells a variety of different bracket lengths, perfect for nearly any bench size. Once installed, you can trust these hidden shelf brackets can hold a high weight capacity. You an install a thick piece of wood and they will hold reliably for a lifetime. If you’re in the Grand Rapids area in Michigan, we encourage you to checkout Katt Design and Carpentry! Check out their website or Instagram account. You’ll noticed they’ve installed floating wooden benches and other great looking “floating” fixtures in homes!

Bathroom Countertop or Vanity

Bathroom countertops or a bathroom vanity are also perfect for a hidden shelf bracket. Our brackets have a strong weld with a 3/8 inch bracket protruding from the wall. Since a bathroom countertop can be wide, you may also order a custom bracket from us. This will ensure a balanced and reliable hold. If you need a project done like this and you’re in the Vancouver WA area, we recommend checking out Kashas Design Build Remodel. They’ve done a ton of great work, especially adding “floating” features in homes!

Office Desks

Hidden Shelf Brackets are also great for an office desk. Your desk will be floating and you’ll have plenty of space below for storage. Whether your desk is made of wood or granite, these brackets will support it. If you’re in the Idaho Falls area and looking for something like this, checkout My Iron Home. They’ve built floating desks and several other floating fixtures like shelves and countertops.

Right On Bracket Hidden Shelf Brackets have many uses, which gives them the name hidden mount bracket as well. Most of our customers use them for a shelf, but on occasion we’ll have customers use them for a very custom project. If you need to support something and want to add a “floating” element to it, checkout Right On Bracket Hidden Shelf Brackets.

Bar Tops

When installing a drinking or eating bar on a wall, it needs to support a heavy amount of weight. People lean on a bar when they eat, the bar top can be extremely heavy, and a lot of weight can pile up. To make sure this is installed reliably, use one of our heavy duty hidden shelf brackets. We can increase the thickness of these brackets if the weight load is extremely heavy. 

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