How To Update and Reinforce Your Old Kitchen Countertops

How To Update and Reinforce Your Old Kitchen Countertops

Redoing areas of your kitchen to make it a little more modern doesn’t have to be the invasive and extensive task you see on DIY television. There are a few simple ways to consider regarding how to update and reinforce your old kitchen countertops. Pairing these ideas with a new coat of paint and some fancy hardware will give your kitchen a whole new look.


As you decide what to do with your countertops, you may decide that you want to replace them altogether and either pick out a new granite, quartz, concrete, or even wood option. You also have the option to resurface your existing countertops, but this is best done over laminate surfacing. If you’d like to do your own design, consider pouring your own solid concrete counters. To these, you can add tile, paint, or pour epoxy.


Epoxy resin is used mostly for refinishing. It offers a non-porous surface and can be fairly inexpensive. It promises both longevity and durability. Epoxy is a great option to pour a granite-like look using the colors and style you want. They are easy to maintain and require little cleaning or care.


Regardless of how you choose to freshen up your countertops, they always need to be reinforced. Some may find that their countertops have never really been secure on top of their cabinets, but when backed up to walls, installers may leave much to be desired. Additionally, you should check the brackets and add weight to countertops to reinforce them. Right On Bracket makes heavy-duty countertop brackets that lend support to your countertops while preventing bending or breaking. The last thing you want is your new counters to be unstable.

When deciding how to update and reinforce your old kitchen countertops, the most important thing is to take care and adhere to proper safety precautions. Choose reliable materials and durable support to ensure that the only thing drawing attention to your counters is their amazing updated look.