Installing Tiered Shelves

Heavy Duty Modern Brackets

Heavy Duty Shelf System

Steel Tiered Shelving System
Tiered Shelf Brackets

Shelving systems can be used nearly anywhere in the house. Systems like the brackets above are easy to install and have many uses. Whether these are kitchen shelves holding pantry items or in the garage holding cans of paint, you can trust these will last a lifetime.

With tower shelves like the pair above, we tend to focus on how much weight they can possibly handle. That’s important, but they don’t always need to hold hundreds of pounds of weight. They can support just a few dainty items and still look remarkable. We powder coat these brackets so they have a smooth and bold finish, perfect for any application.

Mounting Tiered Shelves

The first step of mounting tiered shelves is to inspect the area you want to install them. The first step us to use a stud finder and see if it’s a load bearing wall. If it is and it’s possible to mount the brackets to the wall studs, that would be ideal. However if that’s not possible, drywall anchors are a way around this.

Drywall Anchors Installing Tiered Shelves
Drywall Anchors Installing Tiered Shelves

If these brackets were bonded to a surface, hundreds of pounds could be supported throughout the bracket. The strength of the shelves will be in the mounting hardware. If you’re going to use drywall anchors, we recommend they have specs to withstand over 75 pounds of weight. Since you will install several anchors to mount these shelves, the weight on the bracket will be distributed across all the anchors. For example, if 4 anchors are used that can each withstand 75 pounds, that bracket can hold a few hundred pounds. Since there are two bracket involved as well, that weight will also be very distributed.

Once you have the hardware and tools, the drywall anchors need to be installed. Install one drywall anchor, then mount the bracket to the wall. that way since only one mount is holding the bracket, you may adjust the bracket until it’s perfectly straight. Use a laser level and aim up to line up the bracket perfectly level. Once it’s in place, use a pencil and mark spots on the wall through the rest of the mounting holes. Once done, remove the bracket and install the rest of your drywall anchors.

When all the anchors are installed, use your laser level and mark spots for the other bracket. If all the anchors line up with the laser level, the shelves will be installed perfectly straight.

Finally, mount your two brackets to the wall over the drywall anchors. Tighten your screws until they are snug, but do not over tighten. Once the brackets are on the wall, you can slip your shelves on!

On the bottom of the tiered brackets, you’ll notice optional mounting holes. If you’re installing this system for someone, there’s heavy weight involved, our they’re in a high traffic area, we recommend using these mounting holes. Just use a small screw and drill into the bottom of the shelf. That will secure the shelf from slipping out or moving.

secured shelf brackets
Optional Shelf Mounting Holes

Modern Industrial Shelves

The word “modern” and “industrial” rarely cross paths. We would classify these shelving system as both due to the amount of weight they can support and the finished product. Every product that leaves our facility is inspected to be ridiculously tough and capable for heavy duty applications. We also take the time to buff down, powder coat, and inspect for any flaws. No product leaves our facility without us giving a full approval.

Tower Shelves – The Final Product

The photo below is a 3 tier shelf. We have options of 1-5 tiers to find the perfect system you need. This bracket is also called a bistro bracket or tower shelves. This shelving system is classified in many ways.

Shelf System
3 Tier Shelf