Modern Brackets

The key to a beautiful home is the details. When you or your clients are deciding how to best maximize a home renovation or remodel, brackets tend to be an afterthought. However, with the right modern brackets, you can enhance the look of your home with little effects on your budget. Our brackets work in a variety of rooms in the home, including the kitchen, living room, and bedrooms. They make possible many modern design elements, such as floating shelves, counters with overhang, and more. At Right On Bracket, we manufacture all our products in America. This gives us greater control over the manufacturing process, which ensures that you’re left with a high-quality product. Durable brackets are essential, especially when it comes to support for granite or other heavy materials. We make certain our products will pass the test of time by crafting them from strong materials.

Living Room

If you or your clients are looking to update the living room, modern bracket styles will make a huge difference. For a clean look, opt for some of our metal floating shelf brackets. This model is designed with two prongs that are inserted into the shelf, as opposed to underneath. Maintain the aesthetic throughout the living room by incorporating hidden mantel support brackets and mounting the television. If minimalism isn’t the desired style, swap out the floating shelves for shelves that use angle, hook, or reinforced brackets. These modern shelf bracket styles add style and function to any shelf, and they’re  strong enough to support the weight of your shelves plus various décor items such as picture frames, books, vases, and more. Check out our modern shelf brackets here.


Renovating or remodeling the heart of the home is an excellent investment for your clients. Ensure that you’re prepared to accommodate their wishes with the proper heavy-duty modern metal brackets. One of the most popular kitchen design elements you’ll need to prepare for is an island with overhang. To accommodate your clients’ needs, we recommend stocking up on one of our varieties of heavy-duty granite brackets. If the client wishes to have overhang on multiple sides of the island, opt for the center mount bracket. This style of bracket is designed to support large amounts of weight while staying out of sight.