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Floating Shelf Brackets

Floating Shelf Brackets are made right here in the USA by Right On Bracket. First of all, they are brushed and powder coated to be safe to the touch and durable for all conditions. Also, the metal floating shelf brackets are made to mount on the support beam in the wall and cover with sheetrock or wood paneling. The hidden shelves are 8.5″ from the wall to the edge. Use six screws to mount the floating shelf mounting brackets to the stud.

The fireplace hearth brackets are mounted on the mounting stud above the fireplace. Therefore, depending on the weight and design of the fireplace and hearth, the number of floating shelf brackets needed could vary.

Likewise, the floating brackets need to be installed behind the drywall on the wall’s support beam to give the stability it needs to support whatever you need. Mount six screws into the side of the beam and you are good to go. Check out our collection of floating shelf brackets.


Fireplace Hearth Bracket

Fireplace Mantel Bracket