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Countertop Brackets

When you install an overhanging granite countertop, it needs to be supported by a reliable support bracket. Right On Bracket steel brackets are hidden from view, so the overhang looks modern and “floating”. All three of the brackets below are mounted directly to a knee wall and the countertop rests on top of them.

Our hidden countertop brackets are perfect for countertops with seating. If you're at barstool, you don't want a big bracket getting in the way of your legs. These steel brackets won't get in the way of your legs and they're smooth to the touch. All brackets are buffed to remove rough edges, to protect your legs.  If you look at the three granite countertop brackets below, they're all installed slightly different and have different uses. However once they're installed, the look identical as all you'll see is a protruding steel bar. All 3 install easily and will support your new granite countertop for a lifetime!