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Shelf Brackets – Traditional Angle Shelf Brackets

Any home or business needs shelving. Whether the shelf is used to display art, plants, glassware, decorative pieces, or pictures, people want to know their shelf isn’t going anywhere. To utilize shelves with confidence, you need to install quality brackets, and our heavy-duty angle brackets are the perfect solution!

These L brackets feature premium materials, and they’re made by hand right here in the USA. We offer a few different variations, including the traditional, lip, and hook shelf. Each of these heavy-duty angle brackets is available in various heights and depths. As with any shelf, we suggest using drywall anchors or mounting to a wall stud when possible.


We have a few different shelf brackets available. We have a traditional, lip, and hook shelf available. All 3 of these brackets have the same thickness and width. The only difference is the design. We recommend installing these brackets into wall studs for a reliable hold. If that's not possible, we recommend using a drywall anchor. This isn't as strong as mounting to a wall stud, but it will hold a small-medium amount of weight.