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Top Mount Flat Brackets

Right On Bracket top mount brackets create a floating counter-top look. You can use these in your kitchen or office. They’re mounted by directly screwing them into the top of your island half-wall or support beam. Top Mount brackets are easy to install and will last a lifetime.


Knee Wall and Pony Wall applications are best solved with our flat counter support brackets. Rather than just grinding our products, we have them brushed and powder coated to be safe to the touch on skin and clothing. As a result you have a smooth and blemish free bracket. Installing a Kitchen Island has never been easier. We recommend installed a bracket every 2-3 feet to ensure strength. Sometimes, an Across Base Bracket might help too. Customers sometimes need to be creative, in case we can create a custom product just for that project. Once you have all the brackets to safely install your new counter-top slab, just install "Right On" top. Once the project is complete, you can trust it will last a lifetime. All Right On Bracket products are manufactured and inspected in the United States to ensure the best quality.