Quality Over A Cheap Price

American Made Steel

American Made Granite Brackets

American Made Shelf and Countertop Brackets

If we chose to import our products from oversees, there’s a good chance we could buy and sell them for a cheaper price. However, we inspected several oversees made shelving and countertop brackets and they have many flaws. The steel isn’t as strong, the mounting holes aren’t spaced evenly, the edges are sharp, burrs are all over the support bracket, and the list goes on. Even though an American product is a little more expensive, it’s because it’s made better. I’m sure you’ll agree, that you want strong and reliable hardware holding up your shelves or countertops. American Made Steel

Avoid Countertop Failures

Imagine you install your brand new granite countertop. Everything looks great, but one day the brackets snap and your counter top comes crashing down. Sound unlikely? We’ve seen it happen and it’s the reason why our products are made the way they are. Granite cannot bend and needs a strong support system. Every bracket we make is made to withstand a high weight capacity. We have different thicknesses for different applications, so you’ll be covered and know you’re new counter top or shelve is held securely. Imagine you’re at the edge of your counter top sitting on a stool. Just having breakfast, but as you get up you rip a new pair of pants on the hidden bracket! Even worse, imagine if you cut your leg! This is why we make sure all of our products are buffed and the edges are smooth. Something you might not think about, but you’re touching these brackets more than you think. Long story short, the quality of these products are extremely important. From strength to the material to the safety…it all adds up. If you choose to buy from us, we guarantee you’re going to get a fantastic product.

Quality Control – Tested Hardware

We’ve received steel that doesn’t pass our quality control. It’s unlikely, as we have fantastic suppliers. However, we always strength check our steel and look for cracks. Our quality control system doesn’t allow any brackets to go out the door that don’t pass our specs. This is a product where quality is extremely important. Simple shelving units can occasionally make due with low weight-capacity brackets, but not countertops. Countertops can weigh hundreds of pounds and that weight needs to be supported reliably. Right On Bracket has the best quality granite countertop brackets and shelving brackets on the market. About Right On Bracket

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