Dear Customer,

  • After we receive an order, it will take us between a couple hours to 2-days to process an order. If we have the brackets ordered in stock, we simple pack and ship. If we’re out of stock, it’ll take us between 1-2 days to create them.
  • Bulk orders can take anywhere between a few hours to a few days to process. Please contact us for processing times on large orders!
  • Our team does not work on weekends. If we receive an order Friday afternoon, we will process and ship first thing Monday morning. Our owners are available over the weekend if you have customer service questions.
  • Once our your brackets are packaged, we offer 2-day shipping on every order. We typically see our products arrive anywhere in the lower 48 states within 2 days. If there is a weather interference or the destination is a rural location, delivery may take 3-days. Deliveries to Alaska & Hawaii will take typically 3-days.
  • Once the order is shipped, we will provide you with a tracking number. If you do not receive your tracking number, please contact us for order details!
  • We currently do not offer shipping internationally.
  • We currently do not offer overnight or 1-day shipping. Shipping a pack of brackets overnight can charge well over $60 – $100+. We’ll recommend waiting an extra day to avoid this charge.
  • For any extra shipping or fulfillment questions, contact us directly!
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