Top Mount vs. Back Mount Granite Countertop Brackets

Flat Countertop Bracket Back Mount Countertop Bracket Comparison

Flat Granite Countertop Brackets & Rear Mount Countertop Brackets

Flat Granite Countertop Bracket

Top Mount Countertop Bracket Our Top Mount Countertop Bracket mounts to the top of your half wall or mounting structure. Our top mount brackets come with 6 countersunk holes for a strong and reliable support. These brackets are made for a high-weight capacity. We recommend making your half wall plenty wide, so you utilize all 6 mounting holes.

This flat countertop bracket also head a beveled edge. This eliminates a blunt edge and your hand/leg will slide right over it. This is key to make sure you don’t slam legs and knees into it while you’re using your overhanging countertop.

Along with the holes, all the edges of the Top Mount Bracket are buffed to remove any burrs and sharp edges. This keeps your legs and clothes safe from any bracket contact! We also powder-coat all of our products so they look great and make the edges extra smooth.

Our top mount brackets are sold in a variety of thicknesses and lengths. We sell in thicknesses from: 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2 and in lengths of: 10″, 12″, & 15″.

We can also create a custom Top Mount Bracket. Send us a message or give us a call if you have specific measurements to meet.

Back Mount Granite Countertop Bracket


This is also known as an “L Granite Countertop Bracket”

Just like the Top Mount Bracket, our Back Mount Countertop Bracket will mount on top of a knee wall and the granite countertop will rest on top of it. However, this bracket is extra strong because it has a top and back set of mounting holes. Both the top and back will support weight and will product an extra strong hold.

Back Mount Countertop Support Bracket

We recommend using #12 wood screws for this bracket. We drill 1/4″ holes that are countersunk. These screws will fit perfectly in the countersunk holes.

All brackets are bent to create the right angle. If you need a 1/2″ thick Back Mount Bracket, we will weld a 3/16″ piece of steel instead of bending the bracket. This is because the 1/2″ steel is too thick to create a perfect 90 degree angle. The 3/16″ steel plate is plenty strong as well.

Other than these features, the Back Mount Bracket is very similar to the Top Mount Bracket. The added tail just adds a higher weight capacity.  

Top Mount vs. Back Mount Countertop Bracket

Here is a drawing of both support brackets installed into a knee wall:

Back Mount vs. Top Mount Countertop Bracket Comparison

Fast Free Shipping

Once you find the perfect product, we have fast and reliable shipping. We packaged with film & foam between items to eliminate damage during shipping. Every bracket shipped is hand made and inspected for any damages.

Once shipped, you’ll send you the tracking number. After you receive that tracking number, expect our brackets to show up between 2-4 days.

If you’re looking for a strong, reliable, and American made product, we hope you consider Right On Bracket for your top mount brackets!

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