Top Selling Support Brackets

So far in 2018, we’ve seen all kinds of custom and bulk Counter-top Support Bracket orders. However, we have several top-selling products that are being sold nearly every day. The top mount support brackets are by far our most popular product. Since the holes drill from the top down, it creates an easy installation process. They’re also extremely strong like all of our products, so you don’t need to worry about the support brackets breaking. The studs or hardware used will break before our counter-top support brackets. Back mount support brackets sell almost as well as a top mount support bracket, but they are designed for a heavier weight capacity. We guarantee our products won’t break, but  because of the design, the back mount support brackets are stronger. This is because force is being driven down and from the side on the back of the support bracket. This results in the energy being distributed throughout both sides of the support bracket. Our hidden mount support brackets are something special. Once installed behind a piece of drywall and the edge stick out through the wall, it really creates a “floating” structure. Compared to a typical support bracket, it saves spaces and creates a gorgeous shelf. What’s also nice about these support brackets, is they’re universal. You can mount them on both the right or left side of a 2 X 4. With 6 pre-sunk holes for mounting, they’ll be sturdy to hold any material. Our shelving support brackets have also been selling very well. We’ve seen projects where customers buy 12+, so they’re able to create  a few levels of shelves. You can put this in a living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, or the bedroom. Like the rest of our support brackets, you can choose the perfect length and thickness. Shelves typically don’t have a ton of weight with them, so don’t worry about this thickness here. 3/16″ will hold plenty of weight. Unless you’re holding 100+ pounds, stick to a thinner support bracket here. Trust our products, they’re stronger than you think. In regard to shelving support brackets, we also sell a reinforced shelving support bracket. These will mount on the outside of the wall and the reinforcement bar will increase the weight capacity dramatically. You can support your water heater and your cousin eddy on top of one of these guys! This brace is truly build for a high weight capacity, or can hold your everyday shelf because they look great! We’ve had a fun past couple of months. We have tons of products and we’ve heard nothing but great feedback. So the next time you have a home project that requires a counter-top, hidden counter-top, top mount, back mount, or shelving support bracket, let us know! We’d love to earn your business and give you a fair price!

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