What To Consider When Selecting a Floating Shelf Bracket

What To Consider When Selecting a Floating Shelf Bracket

Floating shelf brackets are the perfect way to give your home a modern appearance. Their hidden nature adds style and trend to any room. Whether you’re looking for some added shelf space in your kitchen or somewhere to set your blankets in your laundry room, a floating shelf bracket is the perfect solution. Read this guide for what to consider when selecting a floating shelf bracket.


The first and most important factor to consider is the purpose your shelving will serve. The intended use will tell you which floating bracket will be best for your project. If you’re looking to place the shelves in your home office, you won’t need as strong or sturdy of a bracket. You have to figure out where and for what purpose you will use the floating shelves before you can select a bracket.

Weight Capacity

Your purpose for the shelves will give you an idea of what weight capacity you’re going to need. If you’re looking for something that will provide strength and security, you’re going to want a heavy-duty hidden shelf bracket. If you’re looking for a bracket that can support a larger floating fixture, such as a fireplace mantel, you’re going to want a floating mantel bracket. Knowing both the intended use and the necessary weight capacity will help you select the right brackets for your project.

Drywall or Wall Studs

The weight capacity will also help you figure out which installation process you should use. Different brackets require different installation procedures. Our heavy-duty brackets come with six mounting holes, which means you’re going to want to install it behind your drywall and onto your exposed wall studs. For other uses, our brackets can also work directly on your drywall.

Now that you know what to consider when selecting a floating shelf bracket, give us a call or hop on our live chat to talk with an expert. Right on Bracket will help you kick your floating shelf project into full gear.