Different Uses for Brackets in the Home

Different Uses for Brackets in the Home

While most brackets tend to look and function the same, there are subtle differences between them. For example, heavy-duty support brackets come in all shapes and sizes, and even among that group, some brackets are stronger than others. It’s important to know what purpose a specific bracket serves and what amount of weight it can hold. Choosing the wrong bracket for your needs means you will have wasted time and money. Here are a few of the different uses for brackets in the home.

Fireplace Mantel Support

Use floating mantel brackets to create heavy-duty fireplace mantels. Installing these brackets during construction—before you hang the drywall—is ideal. You’ll want to attach the brackets directly to the wall studs if possible, as this will ensure they’re secure and able to support the maximum amount of weight. Once the brackets are in place, you’ll be able to install the drywall around them. The look will be seamless and clean. Installing the brackets after the drywall is up is possible, but this method will take a little more work: you’ll have to remove sections of brick and drywall to attach the brackets to the studs and then patch any holes as necessary.

Countertop Support

There are a lot of different countertop support brackets, but they all essentially do the same job. Their durability and strength allow them to support granite, quartz, concrete, and the heaviest of materials. Top-mount, back-mount, and hidden brackets can all support any size countertop. Counter-sunk holes will prevent any screws from hanging out and creating a raised area. Everything will always be smooth and flush.

Floating Shelf Support

Floating shelf brackets let you use floating shelves to add a creative look to your living room, kitchen, basement, or bedroom. Just as with the fireplace mantel brackets, installing these brackets during construction is the best option. They’re designed to be anchored to the studs so that they can support a heavy load. The shelf itself will hide the supports from view and look as though it’s floating on the wall.

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