Floating Shelf Brackets & Granite Countertop Brackets

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At Right On Bracket, we supply a variety of heavy-duty shelf brackets, granite countertop brackets, floating shelf brackets, modern shelf brackets, and other specialized brackets at competitive prices. We design our support brackets with high-weight capabilities to support any project reliably for a lifetime. Manufactured to exact specifications, our modern shelf brackets will be the perfect pieces of hardware for your next home or commercial remodeling project.

To ensure your shelf or countertop will be safely secure, use an American-made support bracket from Right On Bracket!

Our Best Selling Shelving & Countertop Hardware

Heavy Duty Shelf Brackets, Decorative Shelf Brackets, & Countertop Support Brackets

We’ve designed several different shelf brackets and countertop brackets to fit a variety of applications. Below you’ll find our line of different steel brackets that come in a variety of lengths and thicknesses.

We’re proud to say all our floating, heavy-duty, and modern shelf brackets are handmade in the USA. We use high quality steel and our crew has years of experience. When you receive any of our support brackets, you’ll feel the quality and strength behind them! 

Heavy Duty Hidden Shelf Brackets

Heavy Duty Hidden Shelf Brackets
The best support for floating shelves and cabinets. Mounts directly to studs for a strong and reliable hold.

Right Angle Countertop Brackets

Heavy Duty Countertop Bracket
If you’re installing a heavy countertop this bracket will give you the support and reliability you’re looking for.

Floating Shelf Brackets

Floating Shelf Bracket
A sleek and modern way to organize any room. These floating shelf brackets offer the minimalist look. Without breaking the bank.

Tiered Shelf Brackets

Industrial Shelf Brackets
Modern shelving system with a high weight capacity. Available in several sizes, perfect for any home!

Shipping Container Brackets

Industrial Shelf Brackets
Simple & Easy to use shipping container shelf system. Universal fit for most shipping containers

Top Mount Countertop Brackets

Top Mount Countertop Brackets
A simple bracket designed to support any overhang. Perfect for a bar or countertop. Great for granite countertops

Hook Shelf Brackets

Hook Shelf Bracket
Modern shelf bracket with the mount displayed above the shelf. The hooked design secures the shelf for a dependable hold.

Lip Shelf Brackets

Lip Shelf Bracket
A strong shelf bracket with the wall mount below the shelf. The bracket lip will securely hold a wooden shelf you place on it. They have a steel finish and are made in the USA.

Angle Shelf Brackets

Steel Shelf Brackets
A classic shelf bracket perfect for any home. Will support a variety of different shelf sizes. Easy installation and includes holes on the wall mount and shelf support side.

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