How To Increase Storage on Your Deck or Patio

How To Increase Storage on Your Deck or Patio

If your deck or patio feels overcrowded, you’re less likely to use this space. A cramped or unorganized deck space can make it difficult to utilize the area for entertaining, cooking and eating outdoors, and more. If you’re tired of looking at your cluttered backyard space, find the underlying cause of the issue and clear out the unwanted clutter in your way.

Adding storage solutions to your back deck or patio is a straightforward way to solve your clutter problem. If you’re unsure how to increase storage space on your deck or patio, keep reading to discover several backyard storage solutions you can install.

Outdoor Storage Bench

Outdoor storage benches prioritize style, comfort, and storage all in one backyard installation. Storage benches help solve two common deck or patio problems: lack of storage and lack of seating. The outdoor bench looks a lot like a standard storage box but features a cushioned or flat top for seating, and the top cushion or lid lifts to reveal an extra storage compartment.

While there are plenty of storage benches available on the market, one of the best things about these storage solutions is that they’re easy to build and customize. Any homeowner can customize their own DIY bench with their perfect dimensions, seating choice, wood, paint color, and more. And because they’re so stylish and functional, you can have multiple storage benches on a deck or patio for even more hidden storage.

Backyard Storage Shed

If you’re looking for a place to clear excess patio furniture and other bulky items from your deck, you should consider investing in a backyard storage shed. Outdoor sheds come in a variety of styles, materials, and sizes, meaning just about anyone can find a storage shed that fits their yard. If you love a DIY challenge, you could even collect the necessary materials to build your own backyard shed.

Storage sheds are often tall enough to stand inside, which makes them useful for storing backyard tools and furniture, such as umbrellas, tiki torches, brooms, rakes, lawnmowers, and more. With a storage shed, you’ll no longer need to scatter these items across your yard when not in use.

Storage Shed Shelving

After installing your storage shed, you unlock another clutter solution: heavy-duty shelving. Shelving helps you utilize the vertical space in your storage shed so that this additional space doesn’t experience the same clutter issues as your deck. If your pre-bought storage shed doesn’t come with shelving installed already, you can install your own with the right materials.

To start, you’ll need to select shelf brackets that will adequately support the weight you’re planning to suspend. Be sure to select heavy-duty industrial shelf brackets if you plan to suspend heavy equipment, storage boxes, yard decorations, and other bulky items.

Outdoor Locker

An outdoor locker is similar to a storage shed, but these models usually run at about half the size of a full shed. This makes them the perfect size for storing smaller items and clutter that collects around your deck or patio. If you don’t need all the storage shed space for bulky patio furniture or backyard equipment, a storage locker could be the perfect choice for your various outdoor accessories.

Outdoor lockers also come equipped with a padlock or other locking system if you’re concerned about thieves or critters trying to break into your backyard storage options. This security measure offers extra sturdiness and reinforcement from the elements and other outdoor conditions as well.

Under-the-Deck Storage

Did you know you could utilize the space underneath your backyard deck for extra storage? If your deck is high enough, you can even store larger items. You can even cover the sides of your deck with skirting and a storage door to prevent an eyesore. Under-the-deck storage is ideal for seasonal backyard items or decorations that you don’t need access to year-round.

This solution isn’t as accessible as a traditional storage shed or bench. For this reason, you might want to avoid storing your more useful items below unless under-the-deck storage is the only storage solution available.

Outdoor Bar or Kitchen Storage

If you have space on your backyard deck or patio, an outdoor bar or kitchen can also serve as an extra storage opportunity. Many outdoor party bars even come with shelves that you can use to store backyard supplies or bar utensils. Backyard kitchens and grills often feature storage compartments and cabinets as well. An outdoor bar could be as simple as a portable bar with stools set up nearby. This type of installation is perfect for homeowners who love to entertain and wish to get more use out of their backyard space.

How To Choose the Right Storage Solution for You

With all these options, it can be difficult to choose which solution is best for your backyard. First, take a step back to analyze the clutter around your deck or patio. What items would you like to clear away? Note their size and bulkiness.

If you would like to store larger or heavier items, a larger storage shed with hanging brackets might be necessary. However, if you have a bunch of smaller tools and accessories on your hands, you might only need a storage locker or outdoor bench.

You should also note the size of your yard or deck and the space you have available for storage. Outdoor storage benches are extremely useful for cramped deck spaces because they offer functional seating and storage in one. No matter what amount of space you’re working with, at least one of these solutions is sure to help.

If you’re looking for ideal storage solutions for your cramped deck or patio, these storage options can’t be beat. There’s an option for everyone on this list, so you can stop fretting about how you will increase storage space and declutter your patio or deck. And if you’re in need of hanging and building materials such as shelving brackets for your storage shed, browse our selection here at Right On Bracket. We offer heavy-duty brackets to support your heaviest backyard furniture, equipment, and more.

How To Increase Storage on Your Deck or Patio