How to Properly Support a Countertop Overhang

How to Properly Support a Countertop Overhang

Home remodeling can intimidate those who don’t know what to expect. While any major remodel may require professional input, there are some basic pointers everyone should know. One of these pertains to countertops. Specifically, home remodelers should understand how to properly support a countertop overhang to prevent any leaning or breakage. Construct your dream kitchen with these essential dos and don’ts of countertop support.

What to Do

When supporting a countertop overhang, you must take these important steps. First, ensure your supporting structure can hold the countertop with the proper brackets. While you might think one bracket can universally support any shelving or countertop unit, this is not true. You should use a countertop bracket that extends within four inches of the countertop edge. This prevents too much pressure and weight on the countertop without proper backing. Fasten these brackets with fasteners to keep them securely in place. Consider a right-angle countertop bracket for the best support to prevent bending or breaking.

What Not to Do

Likewise, there are also some things you must avoid when supporting a hanging countertop. Poor planning can lead to nasty results. For example, unsupported countertops with an overhang over four inches can sag and potentially fall, which can lead to property or bodily damage. Alternatively, a weak bracket may not support the weight of the countertop overhang. Even leaving your brackets weakly fastened leads to inadequate countertop support. Because not every bracket is the same, certain support brackets may be too weak to hold stone like marble, granite, or quartz.

Other Considerations

Whether you’re a professional contractor or a DIY home remodeler, there are other considerations you should keep in mind. When dealing with countertop support, consider the stone’s thickness. This determines the appropriate amount of overhang needed. That is to say, don’t neglect the top width. Overhangs should not exceed one-third of the top without additional support and will need support at the base.

Of course, the best way to support any countertop overhang is with our heavy-duty countertop brackets. Our countertop brackets have a right-angle design that resists bending and breaking. Their easy installation and heavy weight capacity support any stone countertop overhang. The brackets come in 1/4″, 3/8″, and 1/2″ thicknesses with heights ranging from 4″ to 12″ and lengths from 8″ to 15″, making them perfect for any home project.