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Standard Wooden Corbels

When installing a bar at a restaurant, the countertop will be overhanging for stools to fit under. The wooden or stone countertop must be supported and an option is to use wooden right angle corbels.

We don’t recommend using wooden corbels because they must be large to reliably support the bar. The issue with this is the corbels can get in the way of people at the bar. Legs and bodies have to move between the spaces between wooden corbels. This is why we sell steel brackets that are stronger and smaller.

Hidden Countertop Brackets

We have a variety of different countertop brackets that are hidden once installed. These are ideal for customers, as they’re able to use the entire bar without being restricted by large wooden brackets or corbels.

Restaurant Bar Brackets
Hidden Restaurant Bar Brackets

Flat Countertop Brackets

If you’re going to use our Top Mount Countertop Brackets, we recommend using 1/2″ thickness. The reason is a bartop can receive all types of unexpected weight. If someone jumps on top of the bartop, you want to make sure they don’t break it. This bracket has 6 mounting holes and when installed correctly, it’ll last a lifetime.

Island Support Bracket
Top Mount Countertop Brackets | Hidden From View

L Countertop Brackets – Back Mount Brackets

This bracket has 7 mounting holes and extremely strong. Our Back Mount Brackets are just like the Top Mount, but also install behind the knee wall. This allows two separate spots where the weight is distributed.

Back Mount Brackets are also available in 1/2″ thickness with a 3/16″ tail. These are the strongest Back Mount Brackets we offer and will support your new restaurant bar top for life.

Right Angle Countertop Brackets

Our Right Angle Countertop Brackets are the easiest to install and very effective. It’s flush with the knee wall and the bottom of the bracket. Since it’s made of steel, it’s much smaller than a corbel, but just as strong.

When you install this bracket, it can be done before the countertop install or afterwards. Since this countertop bracket is installed on the outside the half wall, the install process is simple.

Heavy Duty Right Angle Bracket
Right Angle Countertop Bracket

Installing Restaurant Countertop Brackets

When you’re installing a new countertop or bartop in your restaurant, we recommend using steel supports. They’re completely or nearly hidden after the installation. Wooden brackets get in the way and to have full access of your new countertop. Choose Right On Bracket steel American made support brackets.

Right On Bracket