Safety Precautions To Make Before a Kitchen Remodel

Safety Precautions To Make Before a Kitchen Remodel

Safety is the top priority in any project, especially when it comes to a home remodel. Before hiring a contractor or starting your DIY project, you should arm yourself with all the best safety tips. Here are some of the most important safety precautions to make before a kitchen remodel. These tips will keep your project going smoothly and safely the whole way through.

Create a Plan or Layout

Before you can even start on your kitchen remodel, you should have a plan in mind for the final product. Create a blueprint or rough sketch of the areas you’ll be working on and what changes to make. This initial plan will help you craft a workspace with a good flow, and you’ll know which tools and materials you need ahead of time. This is where hiring a contractor or designer will come in handy in terms of planning and executing a design. However, many homeowners take a more DIY approach to this as well. The key is to ensure your remodel area is orderly and safe.

Secure Another Area To Cook

Depending on the extent of your kitchen remodel, you’re going to need a secondary location to cook and eat for the time being. If you need to move your appliances out of the kitchen for the course of the project, try to find space in other rooms of your home where you can power and access them. Prioritize your refrigerator’s functioning so that you don’t lose any perishable items. Also, keep your refrigerator and microwave accessible if possible, as these will be key to storing your food and fixing quick and easy meals. Disposable plates and cutlery are vital during your remodel since you may not have access to your dishwasher or sink to do dishes.

If you don’t have room elsewhere in your home to access your appliances, consider asking a neighbor or local family member if you could borrow their kitchen space. And make sure to budget in advance for the days when your family will need to eat out at a restaurant.

Secure Your Kids’ and Pets’ Safety

Once you have your belongings moved out of the way, make sure you keep any children and pets away from the remodeling zone. From dust and debris to dangerous power tools, there are plenty of dangers present at the scene of a remodel. Make sure you keep pets and children out of the area with gates or relocate them to a different floor of the house in the meantime. If your pets are particularly hard to control, you might want to consider having a friend or neighbor pet-sit them or dropping them off at a daycare service until the remodeling is complete.

Understand Safety Codes

Before hiring a contractor or starting your remodeling project yourself, you must consider your city safety codes. This is where hiring an inspector or contractor will come in handy, as professionals like these will know the details of local building guidelines. Before you begin your own project, make sure you check your city website for construction codes to make sure you’re following all existing guidelines. These include safety regulations, building and electrical codes, fire prevention rules, plumbing laws, and more. Because the kitchen deals with many plumbing and electrical outlets through your appliances, you’ll want to make sure your home complies with these codes before making changes.

Have the Proper PPE

Even if you have the kitchen secure and are sure of your safety guidelines, you’re still not ready to renovate until you have all the necessary safety equipment. Start by getting the right clothes. Don’t wear long, flowing clothing while working, as the excess material could get stuck in your equipment, paint, or other materials. If you’re using loud equipment, such as air compressors or jackhammers, you should invest in a pair of earplugs to protect your ears from the loud conditions.

However, the most important piece of personal protective equipment (PPE) for a home remodel is your safety glasses. Safety glasses are crucial to protecting your eyes from flying debris, chemicals, paint, and other hazards. Proper work gloves, steel-toed boots, and thick jeans or slacks are also extremely important protective materials. When working with lots of dust or debris in the air, you should also wear a mask with the proper filter.

Ventilate the Area

Working with paint, stains, and other chemicals during a remodel can be dangerous when in an enclosed space. These products produce heavy chemical fumes that collect in closed spaces. You can experience headaches, dizziness, and lightheadedness when you breathe in these fumes. Always make sure to properly ventilate your kitchen when painting, staining, and working with other chemical products. If you have windows or a nearby door, open them. You could also situate a fan in the window or door space to circulate fresh air into the kitchen. This will prevent fumes from gathering and making you sick.

Be Cautious Around Tools

As you would with any building project, you should always respect your tools. Always unplug power tools as soon as you finish using them. Ensure you store them away in their proper places, whether you have a tool chest or cases for your individual tools. Furthermore, remember to teach your children to use the same caution and respect for tools. Kids are naturally curious and could injure themselves around dangerous power tools. This is why you should encourage your children to stay in separate sections of the house during a remodel. However, make sure they understand to stay away from power tools when this is unavoidable.

Remember these safety precautions to make before a kitchen remodel while planning your project. The safety of your project is the most important aspect of your kitchen remodel. Following these tips can help you ensure the security and safety of your kitchen space during the most intense kitchen remodels. And now that you’re ready for your kitchen remodeling, stock up on the materials you need, such as heavy-duty countertop brackets, here at Right On Bracket.

Safety Precautions To Make Before a Kitchen Remodel