The Advantages of Side Mount Shelving Brackets

The Advantages of Side Mount Shelving Brackets

Installing your own shelves is a stylish way to add more space and organization to your home. Nowadays, there are so many more shelving options to choose from, all with unique styles and hanging methods. If you like the idea of a minimalistic approach to shelving or need your shelves to support a lot of weight, you might want to consider side mount shelving brackets. Here are some of the advantages of side mount shelving brackets and why they would be a fantastic addition to your home.

Superior Holding Strength

One of the advantages of side mount shelving brackets is their ability to attach directly to your wall studs behind the drywall. You can attach these brackets before filling in the drywall around them. This helps these brackets have the full strength of the wall’s foundation to successfully support heavy shelves, countertops, bar tops, benches, and more. Some specially sized brackets have the potential to support up to 470 pounds! It all depends on what size shelving you need and how much it will support.

Perfect for Floating Shelves

The fact that side mount shelving brackets start inside your drywall for support makes them perfect for hanging floating shelves. These heavy-duty hidden shelf brackets can support the weight of many different types of floating shelves and the décor you top them with. Plus, due to their inconspicuous installation inside the wall, you won’t have any eyesore brackets sticking out beneath the shelf. It will appear as if the shelf is floating by magic.

For Use in Any Room

As long as you have direct access to the wall studs, you can install a side mount shelf bracket in any room of your home. The floating shelves that you can hang with these brackets look great in any family room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and more. Installing floating shelves this way can help increase your storage, giving your rooms more space and adding a touch of modern style.

Now you know the advantages of side mount shelving brackets and how they bring a new method of support to the shelving game. Side mount shelving brackets are perfect for those remodeling or planning a renovation where they’ll have clear access to your wall studs. If you’re planning a remodel or renovation, check out our shelving bracket options for any project at Right On Bracket.