Tower Shelves – Where To Install Tiered Shelves

5 tier shelf system

Right On Bracket Tiered Brackets can be customized to make a variety of different sizes shelving systems. Since they’re durable and look amazing, you can put them nearly anywhere!

Kitchen Shelving

Modern kitchens are ditching all the cabinets and enclosed storage from the past. Some cabinets are or course necessary, but many kitchens have open shelving that has a more “industrial” look.

Our tiered brackets can be used to hold items such as spices, decorations, picture, plates, or heavy cooking tools. Whether it’s 1 shelf or 5 in the system, these brackets are designed to hold well over 100 pounds. This design gives you a variety of different design possibilities!

Garage Shelving

Storing items in the garage can get a bit our of control. You don’t want to turn your garage space into a messy storage facility. Instead, create shelving systems to hold whatever you need! This can range from camping equipment, auto parts, painting equipment, hardware, or whatever else you may have!

garage shelving system
Garage Shelving System

One of our last customers used our tiered brackets to make shelves for all his power tools. He used 3 brackets to support several long shelves. He used our 12 inch deep option, it gave him spaces for nearly everything. He had to support several tools like drills, tool boxes, a chop saw, and several other items. We received great feedback as they were exactly what he needed and looked perfect!

Laundry Room Shelving

Now a laundry room or a mud room needs shelving. There are several items like detergents, cleaners, and other supplies that typically needs to be stored. Now, instead of purchasing cheap wire shelving, why not go with a modern shelving system?

Tower brackets are simple to install and you’ll understand how strong they are just by the sheer weight. They’re made here in the USA and strong enough for nearly everything.

Leveled brackets are perfect to make leveled shelves above or on the sides of your laundry machinery. Where-ever there is wall space and you have enough room to reach the top shelf, they will fit the space very well! Also, if you don’t like the powder coated black color, you’re able to paint these brackets as well. The powder coat leaves a smooth but bumpy finish, so paint can set very well.

Living Room Shelves

In most living rooms, you’ll need shelving to display photos from the past and other decorations. For this case, we recommend using tiered brackets that are 3 shelves or less. Anything more than that looks like storage vs. an elegant shelving system.

Living rooms can also have a high concentration of people, so it’s important to make sure these shelves are secure. They’re extremely heavy and you don’t want these falling on someone.

The best way to secure one of the tower brackets to the wall is by installing directly into the wall stud. If this is impossible, using a drywall anchor 100 lbs+ is the best way. Since the steel shelf brackets have several installation holes, the weight will be distributed and all the wall anchors are working together. This will increase the weight capacity of the brackets to a couple hundred pounds, plenty for basic shelving in a living room!

Bedroom Shelving

We cannot forget about shelving in the bedroom! Whether you want to support books, trophies, photos, or anything that totals up to a couple hundred pounds, these brackets can pass the test!

Just like brackets in a living room, weight capacity is extremely important. Once you have the installation of the brackets done, you need to make sure the shelves are secure. At Right On Bracket, we install shelf mounting holes on the bottoms of where the shelves rest. These are optional, but we highly recommend using them especially if it’s a high traffic area. All you need are small screws to secure the bracket to the shelf.

secured shelf brackets
Secure Shelf To Bracket

Level Shelf Systems

These new shelf brackets are perfect for nearly any space. Every example here is for a household, but in commercial settings as well! Due to the modern look and practicality of these brackets, you can confidentially install them in nearly any space. Installation only takes a few minutes with the proper tools and they will last a lifetime!