Tips for Installing Open Shelving in Your Kitchen

Tips for Installing Open Shelving in Your Kitchen

This type of layout allows for immediate viewing and access to kitchenware. It can also deter the buildup and cluttering of kitchen items and decorations. Though the esthetics and organization of such a setup can be quite pleasing, it’s important that the shelving is also sturdy. Follow these tips for installing open shelving in your kitchen.

Start Bare

When hanging your open shelving, you want to start bare. Resist the urge to fully stock your shelving; after all, one of the reasons you’re doing it is probably for styling purposes. This is your clean slate. Your shelf arrangement and the organizational scheme will allow you to work in a clear area.

Ensure Stability

Though some people choose to simply remove the doors from their cabinets to create the look of open shelving, most opt to hang floating shelves. This gives a neat look and allows for only the basics to be on the walls, which often allows for beautiful backsplashes to be more freely displayed. With shelving that will hold anything, especially heavy cooking materials, stability is crucial. Right On Bracket makes heavy-duty shelf brackets to ensure that you get the look you want and the strength you’ll need.

Secure Heavy Items

Once you have your modern floating shelf supports installed, you’ll still want to consider the items on your shelves. Account for your height and where you put heavy items. Though they are supported on the shelves, you’ll want to ensure they aren’t going to fall on you as you try to access them. Be sure you are stocking based on the region you are in as well. For example, areas that experience earthquakes or back up to an airport landing strip may require you to store extremely delicate glassware elsewhere.

Keep Essentials Close

Though your floating shelves are certain to look great, they still need to be functional. Determine ways to keep the frequently used dishes and other essentials within reaching distance. Once you’re moving around and cooking, you’re not going to want to be digging items you need out of places you stowed them; rather, display them on your shelving in a visually appealing way.

Right On Bracket strives to provide the public with USA-made, quality products that you can rely on to make your most innovative home updates a reality. Think about these tips for installing open shelving in your kitchen to make it as efficient as it is picturesque.