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When we founded Right On Bracket we had one thing in mind…Made In America. Both coming from a blue collar background, we understand the importance strong, reliable, and safe products. Everyone knows the best products are made here in America, so we proudly only sell American made products!
Made In America Right On Bracket
Made In America
After growing up working in a hardware store, I’ve worked with well made and…not so well made products. I remember we sold a variety of both American made and oversees products. Generally, I noticed the products that came in from oversees would sometimes have parts missing, edges were sharp, some measurements weren’t exact, and overall the quality of work was just “sloppy”. I remember an older contractor used to come into our store at least once a week. Many times to just say hello, but most of the time for a home-improvement project. Whether he was looking for something in regards to plumbing, electrical, or even a roll of tape, he would always add “what do you have that’s made in America”. Thinking back on that, I realized he was right. If I’m going to fix or add anything in my home, I’m going to make sure it’s a well made product, and that means it has to be made here in the states. After months of searching, we partnered with a manufacturer here in America with years of fabrication experience. Every product is inspected for burrs and sharp edges, so your knees and clothes are safe from being cut. All our products are also made with a high weight capacity in mind. Whether it’s a shelving bracket, a countertop bracket, or custom order, you know it’s the best quality. We’re determined to grow as a company and broaden our product line. To do that, we’re going to put the best hardware in your home. If you have any questions about our company or products, I encourage you to reach out to us. We’re proud of what we sell and hope we can help you with your next project.   Right On Bracket

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