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Frequently Asked Questions

Installation Questions:

How long of a bracket do I need for a hardstone countertop (quartz, granite):

  • Hardstone countertop (quartz, granite): At least 4” between the bracket and the countertop’s edge. Brackets should be spaced 20″-24″ apart depending on thickness of slab

How long of a bracket do I need for a soft stone countertop (marble, soapstone):

  •  At least 4” between the bracket and the countertop’s edge. Spaced 16-20″ apart depending on thickness of slab

How long of a bracket do I need for wood Shelves : 

  •  At least halfway between the wall and the shelf’s edge. Depending on your brackets, mount the shelf to the bracket using the provided mounting holes or adhesive. 

How long of a bracket do I need for a bench: 

  • At least 4” between the bracket and the edge of the bench. We recommend overengineering anything someone is going to sit on. We recommend 1/2″ thick brackets for a bench and using all the available wall studs. 

What type of screws should I use?

  • We recommend using #12 tapered wood screws for most of our brackets and installations. These screws will work great for all brackets with countersunk holes. Use screws between 1.5″ – 2″ long depending on your project. 

Do your brackets rust?

  • Our brackets are made of steel, which will rust when exposed to moisture. However, we powder coat all our products that will protect the steel from moisture and will not rust.  

Can Right On Bracket make custom bracket sizes?

  • We can make custom pieces. For questions, call us at (503) 433-3406. 
  • Custom orders come with a flat $50 fee. 
  • Custom orders will be considered for orders over 20 items 

Product Questions:

Heavy Duty Floating Shelf Bracket

  • What does the mount side represent?
    • When facing the wall stud, the right mount will mount to the right side of the stud. Same with the left side and a left sided bracket. The determining factors here are the 45 degree bevel on the end and the direction of the countersunk holes on the mounting surface. 
  • What does the length represent? 
    • The length is represented by the overall length from the edge of the mounting plate to the edge of the bracket. See diagram for details. 
  • Can this brackets be used for a shower bench?
    • Yes, the powder coating will provide adequate waterproofing to prevent the steel from rusting due to moisture.
  • Which thickness should I purchase? 
    • For most applications, the 3/8″ thick bracket is plenty strong enough. This is our most popular thickness. 
    • For any bracket over 15″ we recommend 1/2″ thickness. The longer the bracket, the lower the load/flex capacity. 
    • For commercial applications, we recommend our 1/2″ thick bracket. 
    • For any project that has the potential of people sitting or leaning on, we recommend our 1/2″ bracket for added strength. 

Right Angle Countertop Bracket

  • Do these have mounting holes on the support arm?
      • No. These brackets are designed to support stone and added mounting holes will slightly lower the load capacity.  
      • We recommend an adhesive for mounting the brackets to your countertop. The texted power coating allows for a strong bond. 
  • Which thickness should I purchase? 
    • 1/4″ – For small residential countertop overhangs. Slim design and will support a couple hundred pounds. 
    • 3/8″ – Our most popular size. Residential and commercial projects. Plenty strong for most projects. 
    • 1/2″ – Designed for commercial projects and long countertop overhands. 

Flat and Back Mount Countertop Brackets

  • How do I mount these brackets so the countertop is flush with the half wall?
    • Use a router to mill out the thickness of your bracket into the half wall. The bracket will lay inside and be flush with the half wall. 
  • Do I order a flat or back mount bracket?

Floating Mantel Bracket: 

  • Can I use this bracket to install a mantel on a brick/stone/concrete wall? 
    • Unless you have access to the wall studs, you cannot. To mount a mantel on a stone wall, you’ll need to use our Floating Shelf Bracket. Note the mounting wall needs to be flat. 

Center Mount Countertop Bracket: 

  • What if my countertop overhang is longer on one side than the other? 
    • One side of the countertop overhang can have more bracket coverage than the other side. You need bracket coverage just over half the length of the overhang, but can go far as an inch from the edge. 

Stud Clamp Shelf Bracket: 

  • Do I have to use all the mounting holes on the stud clamp bracket? Can I only use the mounting holes on the front of the clamp? 
    • Depends on your project, but you can just use the front two mounting holes. Note that if you use all 4 mounting holes, the mount will be stronger. 

Reinforced Shelf Bracket: 

  • When would I use this bracket vs a standard right angle bracket? 
    • Some people like the look of a reinforcement bar on a shelf or countertop and use this design.
    • This bracket is designed for very high weight capacities. The reinforcement bar gives a higher weight capacity, as the bend/load capacity is greatly increased. Great for commercial applications.  

Storage Shelving Brackets: 

  • What is the best way to mount these brackets? 
    • We recommend 1/4″ lag bolts 2″ long. Lag bolts have a stronger weight capacity and hold due to the thread design and bolt securing the bracket. 
  • What type of wood shelves do you recommend for this bracket?
    • For both our storage and shipping container brackets we recommend using 2×6″ lumber. 3 pieces of lumber fill fit inside the bracket with a small space between each piece. Lumber this size is strong and inexpensive. 

Shipping Container Bracket

  • What types of wood shelves should I use?
    • For both our storage and shipping container brackets we recommend using 2×6″ lumber. 3 pieces of lumber fill fit inside the bracket with a small space between each piece. Lumber this size is strong and inexpensive. 
  • Do I need to use mounting hardware? 
    • No! This bracket has a hook on the top of the bracket that hangs on a lashing ring. 

Ram Brackets

  • Will the Ram Bracket work with the BakFlip MX4?
    • If you are interested in this very popular bed cover, we recommend reaching out to C&H Auto Accessories in Margate Florida. This bed cover presents a slight clearance issue even when using our hardware that anybody in his shop can troubleshoot if you purchase the kit directly from their online store. 

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Shipping, Delivery, & Returns:

Can I return my order?

  • Yes we will take return orders. More details are on our shipping & returns page. Here are the highlights: 
    • We will accept returns postmarked within 30 days of purchase. 
    • All returns are subject to a 25% restocking fee. 
    • No returns on custom orders or bulk orders. 
    • We do not cover return shipping

Can you expedite shipping?

  • Yes, 2-day air shipping is available. This option is available during checkout.  
  • We can overnight air orders, but this is extremely expensive due to the weight of the brackets. This request does not increase fulfilment time. We recommend you reach out to us before 9AM PST to check if we have your products in stock. 

Can Right On Bracket ship to Canada?

  • Yes. This option is available during checkout. 
  • Right On Bracket does not cover the cost of customs. 
  • Shipping time is extended due to potential delays in customs. 

What is the typical fulfilment and shipping lead time?

  • Orders under 20 pieces are typically shipped within 36 hours. 
  • Orders over 20 pieces may take between 1-3 days to manufacture. 
  • We keep our best selling products in stock for fast fulfillment. 
  • We ship from Missouri. Depending on the destination, ground shipping takes between 1-3 days. 

Do I qualify for free shipping? 

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