High quality steel brackets designed to support a countertop overhang. Heavy duty designs that are hidden from view creating a “floating countertop”. Perfect to support countertops made of granite, quartz, marble, or wood. Designs include a flat countertop bracket, kitchen island bracket, back mount bracket, and simple right angle bracket. We grind away the sharp edges and apply a powder coat to prevent any rust or corrosion. Weight capacities range from 100lbs to 500lbs per bracket.

Right Angle Countertop Support Bracket

  • Adds support to prevent bending or breaking
  • Easy installation below a countertop or shelf
  • Heavy duty design and weight capacity

Flat Countertop Support Bracket

  • All Brackets Are 2 1/2″ Wide
  • Simple Way To Support An Overhanging Countertop
  • Heavy Duty Weight Capacity

Back-Mount Hidden Countertop Bracket

  • All Hidden Countertop Brackets Are 2 1/2″ Wide
  • Simple Way To Support A Countertop
  • Heavy Duty Weight Capacity

Center Mount Bracket | Knee Wall Bracket

  • Mounted on top of a knee wall
  • Support a heavy granite countertop
  • Easy installation and reliable hold

Hidden Island Countertop Bracket | Across Base Bracket

  • Mount To The Top Of Kitchen Island Cabinet
  • Bracket Overhang Supports Stone Countertop
  • Heavy Duty Design & Hidden From View