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3 Common Countertop Support Mistakes Homeowners Make

3 Common Countertop Support Mistakes Homeowners Make

Never rush into a renovation project at home. Starting renovations without the proper research or planning is how many homeowners create more work for themselves. For example, if you’re planning to update your countertops at home, avoid these countertop support mistakes homeowners often make.

1. Taking Poor Measurements

“Measure twice, cut once” is an age-old phrase that applies to countertop installations. When taking your current countertop or cabinet measurements, record this data carefully and accurately. If you send quick, sloppy measurements to your countertop fabricator or manufacturer, you’re likely to end up with a countertop slab that doesn’t look like an exact fit. This can also lead to discrepancies between your countertop and supports, such as support brackets that are the wrong length and don’t match your countertop slab.

2. Choosing the Wrong Support Brackets

Taking poor countertop measurements isn’t the only way to end up with the wrong support brackets. If you don’t have enough information about support brackets before your countertop installation, you could install the wrong brackets. Many homeowners make this mistake when taking on countertop installation as a DIY project. To choose the right brackets for your countertop, you must consider factors like the countertop material, size, weight, thickness, overhang, and more. When using heavier materials such as stone, be sure to choose heavy duty countertop brackets that will support the weight.

3. Sacrificing Countertop Space

Finally, don’t sacrifice countertop space during your kitchen renovation. There are plenty of ways to maximize your kitchen or bathroom countertop space with the help of support brackets. Your counters don’t have to stop where your cabinets end. For example, you can extend your counters beyond the tops of your lower cabinets with the help of support brackets. This is how many homeowners create kitchen bars for seating and cooking purposes.

If you’re planning to install new countertops in your kitchen, bathroom, or elsewhere throughout your home, make sure to avoid these three common countertop support mistakes homeowners make. With the proper planning and installation process, you’ll have new countertops that are sturdy and brackets that offer the perfect support. And if you’re in need of support brackets for any project, shop here at Right On Bracket today.

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