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Countertop Bracket Resources

Installation & details on our line of countertop brackets. Any countertop with a substantial overhang needs to be supported by brackets. This will ensure the stone doesn’t crack. Information here will go over installation steps, types of brackets to use in certain situations, and much more!

Mounting Flat Countertop Bracket

Flat Countertop Support Bracket Installation

Flat Countertop Bracket A flat bracket made of steel designed to support an overhanging countertop. Protects a countertop from cracking and breaking. May be used for all types of stone or wood countertops!    How To Install A Flat Countertop Overhang Bracket You’ll need to route a slot in your half wall for this bracket

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Images showing how our different countertop brackets are installed.

Countertop Support Bracket Styles

When it comes to countertop installation, choosing the right countertop support bracket style is essential for both functionality and aesthetics. Different bracket designs offer varying degrees of support and visual appeal, allowing homeowners to find the perfect fit for their kitchen or bathroom countertops. Here, examine four popular countertop support bracket styles: Right Angle, Back

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Strong Countertop Support Bracket

Hidden Granite Countertop Support Brackets

Hidden Countertop Support Brackets Installing new countertops is an exciting time for many home and business owners, so show your customers what quality brackets can do. Quality countertops not only add value to homes, but they also transform how a kitchen looks. You should have hidden countertop support brackets regardless of your countertop’s material. Our

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