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5th Gen Ram Truck Bed Replacement Brackets

5th Gen Ram Truck Bed Brackets – Tonneau Cover Issue Solved

Replacement 5th Gen Ram Truck Bed Brackets – Tonneau Cover Issues Solved

Several trims of the new Ram Trucks have 2 right angle brackets with a reinforcement bar. They’re made of cast metal and have a problem of getting in the way of several types of tonneau covers. If you look at the photo below, the reinforcement bar sticks out from the corner of the truck bed quite a bit. We solved this issue by creating a steel right angle bracket that’s stronger without the reinforcement bar.

Current 5th Gen Ram Truck Bed Brackets:

The current brackets seen are made of galvanized steel and support the bed of the truck. These work just fine, however the issue arises when you try to install a tonneau cover or other accessories. Most trucks don’t need a support bracket and there is more room to operate.

5th gen ram truck bed bracket

Replacement Right Angle Brackets

We designed a Right Angle Bracket that fits the corner of the truck perfectly. Since they’re made of 3/8″ steel, you won’t need the brace like the stock bracket. If you need a pair of these brackets, fill out the contact form below and we’ll get back to you!


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