How To Build (and Style) Floating Shelves In Your Bathroom

How To Build (and Style) Floating Shelves In Your Bathroom

Bathrooms come in all shapes and sizes. In earlier times, cabinet spaces and stowing areas were highly coveted. As times change, we take steps to more open room plans and even adopt some minimalistic approaches. The use of open shelving in a lavatory offers both organization and practicality without unnecessary item collection. Knowing how to build and style floating shelves in your bathroom will help you manage necessary items effectively and contribute to the overall aesthetic.

Pare Down

Using floating shelves as open shelving in your bathroom can help you avoid stockpiling needless products and items. By only using shelves to hold toiletries and decorations, you maintain organization, avoid clutter, and prevent the products you keep from expiring or deteriorating.

Though shampoos and body sprays seem as if they last forever, in reality, they don’t. Keeping only what you’re actively using saves space and ensures only the freshest of goods grace your sensitive body parts. Paring down your appliances and beauty products will also help you determine what you really use and what’s simply taking up space in your home.

Display Options

You can display floating shelves in your bathroom in various ways. They can offer a more sophisticated look to a tub area as they could be used in place of a shower caddy. Ditching the old medicine cabinet for a simple shelf or two near the sink and the mirror of your choice can make the area look cleaner and more decorated.

Finding ways to display your bathroom décor and products can personalize the space. Consider a more delicate look and feel with floating pieces anywhere you can remove a cumbersome cabinet or bulky shelving. Decorating with succulents, ornate bottles, and containers to hold items such as cotton balls and swabs, bath beads, and more can create an ambiance while leaving things accessible.

Best Usage

The best ways to use floating shelves are to find places to secure them where they can be out of the way. You have options on how high or low they can be fixed on the walls, depending on their purpose. You still want them to contribute to the room and help open it up rather than taking up space as other shelf options do.

Using Right On Bracket’s floating shelf brackets gives you options in the size of the shelf and the weight of the items you choose to put atop them without compromising safety, the shelf’s integrity, or stability. The brackets are designed to withstand a range of weight. They allow you to use your floating shelves in the same you’d use a cabinet or on a sturdy shelf—the only difference is floating shelves will make your items and your bathroom look much prettier.

Experimenting on how to build and style floating shelves in your bathroom will help you make it feel completely different and new. Floating shelves can help you rid yourself of unnecessary bathroom clutter once and for all. With more efficient storage, your bathroom space will work for you rather than presenting a problem.