How To Install Shelves on a Concrete Block Wall

How To Install Shelves on a Concrete Block Wall

If you have concrete walls in your home, such as in a basement or lower-level bedroom, you might be hesitant to hang things on them. Fortunately, this process is as easy as hanging anything on any other walls of your home. All you need is a few extra materials, and you can start hanging shelving and décor on your concrete walls. Just follow this guide on how to install shelves on a concrete wall for all the tools you’ll need.

What You Will Need

You will need a few special tools to hang anything on a concrete wall. First, find a heavy-duty shelf bracket to support your shelves. It is important to find a heavy-duty bracket that will support the weight of what you’ll be hanging and will also provide the right support for a concrete wall. You’ll also need a drill and a compatible masonry drill bit set that can drill into the wall. You may also need concrete anchors or bolts, which transfer the tension from the hanging object to the concrete to support it.

Measure Twice, Drill Once

Start by placing the brackets in the position where you’d like the shelf hung. Make marks with a pencil where you’re going to drill the holes. Place a level against the shelving bracket during the measuring process. This helps ensure it’ll be perfectly straight when you secure it to the wall.


This is where you’ll use the masonry drill bits. Drill into the location of your first screw hole marks. This process will cause some concrete dust to collect around the holes, so brush this away before continuing. If you’re using concrete anchors, drive these into the hole first, then place and align each shelving bracket. Finish by drilling the appropriate screws into the anchors and then through the shelving material itself for optimum support.

We hope this guide on how to install shelves on a concrete block wall will help you maximize the space available around your home. Now you can decorate your basement or other rooms adjacent to your foundation with ease. Soon your concrete walls will be looking as welcoming as any other area of your home.