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Right Angle Bracket – L Bracket

L brackets for countertops are a reliable and easy way to support an overhanging countertop. This right angle bracket may be installed before or after the countertop. It mounts to the side of a knee wall and the top of the bracket is flush with the top of the knee wall. You may also install a right angle bracket on the inside of a knee/pony wall. After installation, the countertop should be on top flush and level.

The entire bracket is exposed under the countertop, but still leaves plenty of room for someone’s legs. Each bracket is buffed and powder coated, so it’s safe if your legs our clothes rub against it. A simple design and perfect for several applications!

These may be installed before or after the granite countertop is installed, since this bracket is mounted on the outside of the knee wall. The purpose of this bracket is to support the weight of the overhanging granite. If the granite bends, it can crack and potentially fail. These brackets prevent and granite shelf movement. All right angle granite countertop brackets are handmade here in the USA. Hand inspected and delivered to your door fast. Make sure you choose a quality American piece of hardware for your next project!