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The Top Trending Colors for Granite Countertops

Granite countertops have been a popular option in homes across the world since the 1970s. But over time, the colors and styles of granite are shifting. We’re starting to see people use new styles and designs in their kitchens and bathrooms, making granite a fresh choice all over again. Here are the top trending colors for granite countertops today.


White remains one of the most popular color choices for granite countertops in the world of interior design. White granite gives your home a simplistic touch of luxury, offering a bright, refined look that makes your space feel bigger. There are various shades and styles of white granite that you can use for your home’s countertops to create the look you desire.

Some of the most common shades include Kashmir White, Andromeda White, Alaska White, Bianco Romano, Ambrosia White, Bethel White, Colonial White, and Viscount White. However, granite isn’t typically pure white, as the quartz and feldspar minerals within it add specks and veins of color and character.


Another popular color for granite today is black. The great thing about black granite is that it’s versatile, durable, and provides a modern but timeless design that works well in any contemporary kitchen or bathroom. This type of granite tends to be dense and durable because of the rocks and minerals within it, such as gabbro, basalt, diorite, anorthosite, and norite.

The most popular color trends include Nordic Black, Agatha Black, Black Pearl, India Black, Absolute Black, Black Galaxy, and Nero Mist. Each style offers its own unique flair and character to your home. Today, we’re seeing an increase in black countertops in sleek, modern home designs.


Blue is also a top choice in homes today. While blue might sound like a wild choice at first, once you see the variety of styles, you will understand why it has become so popular. Blue granite exudes an exotic sense of luxury as it’s less available and harder to find. This is because natural blue stones are rarer to come across in nature.

But if you want an exotic and luxurious touch in your home, blue granite may be the perfect choice for you. Some of the most beautiful and popular styles of blue granite are Lemurian Blue, Blue Louise, Van Gogh, Brass Blue, Blue Bahia, Volga Blue, Blue Eyes, Bros Blue, and Arcobaleno Blue.

Keep these trending granite countertop color options in mind as you search for the perfect material for your home. When you find the granite you want, Right On Bracket has the supplies you need to install your new countertops, including heavy-duty countertop brackets that will support your stunning slabs of granite.

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