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A mother stands on a step ladder to hang framed photographs on floating shelves as her daughter hands her another frame.

Using Wall Shelves To Showcase Your Art Collection

Wall shelves don’t purely serve a functional purpose. Shelving can be a decorative alternative to hanging your art collection on the wall gallery-style. It allows you to easily arrange and replace each piece and maximizes your available wall space so that you can layer pieces in an artistic arrangement. If you’ve been trying to find the best way to showcase your art collection, wall shelves might be the perfect solution. Follow these tips for arranging artwork on hanging shelves for a beautiful display.

Stick to Neutral Shelving

When selecting shelves for your art display, it’s a good rule of thumb to choose neutral options. Shelves should serve as a backdrop for the artwork, letting the pieces themselves stand out. Shades of white, black, or natural wood tones are best because they don’t compete with your art for attention. If possible, try to match the neutrals present in your interior design for a cohesive appearance. Choosing neutral shelving also provides versatility, allowing you to switch out artwork without worrying about clashing styles or colors.

Keep a Consistent Palette and Style

Maintaining a consistent color palette and style is crucial for a cohesive look. Choose picture frames and artwork that complement each other and the rest of your interior. Maintaining a consistent style also enhances your home’s overall aesthetic.

Whether your taste is modern or traditional, ensure your art pieces and frames reflect this preference. For instance, thin frames and bare artwork with neutral colors best suit a home with a minimalist aesthetic. On the other hand, black and metallic frames with urban photography fit right into an industrial home. A unified look makes your collection more visually appealing.

Create Visual Balance

Creating visual balance is a crucial aspect of using wall shelves for hanging artwork. Thoughtful spacing between pieces and an even mix of sizes create a harmonious arrangement without appearing cluttered. Avoid placing all large or small pieces together in a single area. Instead, mix different sizes and give each piece room to breathe. This balance makes your display visually interesting and easy to appreciate. You can also create visual appeal by placing artwork with similar prominent colors apart from each other.

Mix Leaning and Hanging Artwork

When using wall shelves, combining leaning and hanging artwork adds depth and dimension to your display. Leaning pieces against the wall on shelves creates a casual, relaxed appearance, while hanging art can provide structure and formality. This mix keeps your display dynamic and visually appealing. You can also incorporate other décor items like sculptures, plants, or books to create a more varied display. This can also be useful if you have areas of blank space on your shelves and are waiting to fill them with more artwork.

Creating a stunning display with wall shelves is an art form in itself. For added stability and style, check out Right On Bracket’s selection of wall brackets for shelving. We offer a range of styles to match different design styles and shelving needs.

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