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4 Different Ways To Find Studs in a Wall for Mounting

4 Different Ways To Find Studs in a Wall for Mounting

When you’re trying to mount something on your wall, like a TV, you’ll have to find the wall studs before breaking out your hardware. There are several ways that you can locate these studs with ease. Utilize these four different ways to find studs in a wall for your next mounted project.

Utilize a Stud Finder

The first way to find studs in a wall is by utilizing a stud finder. Stud finders are devices that make locating wall studs quick and easy. There are two different types of stud finders. One kind is magnetic and will sense nails and screws within the stud, while the other kind will read the density of the wall to pinpoint the stud’s location. Both of these stud finders are effective, so it comes down to personal preference on which one you would like to use.

Locate Outlets and Switches

Locating outlets and switches is another way that you can pinpoint where your wall studs are before mounting furniture or devices. Technicians always mount electrical boxes to a stud on at least one side, so looking for an outlet or switch will give you a more precise idea of the location of the studs. You can use the knock test to determine which side of the outlet the stud is on. If you hear a hollow sound when you knock on the wall, the stud is on the other side, but if you hear a solid sound, you have found the stud.

Follow the 16-Inch Rule

The third way to locate studs in your walls is by following the 16-inch rule. The spacing between wall studs is typically 16 inches apart. Therefore, if you measure 16 inches from the corner of a room, you should have a fairly accurate representation of where the stud is. You can utilize the knock test in tandem with this method to ensure that you hit the stud.

Use a Strong Magnet

Using a strong magnet is also a great way to determine where your wall studs are before mounting something. For this method, you will need to use a strong neodymium magnet, as regular refrigerator magnets may not do the trick. Scan the wall with the magnet until you feel it pull, indicating that it detects the nails in the stud.

Now that you know four various ways to locate wall studs for mounting, you can begin the process with confidence. Right On Bracket has a selection of heavy-duty industrial shelf brackets to help you mount heavy items that require more stability.

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