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4 Ways To Use Open Shelving in Kids’ Bedrooms

4 Ways To Use Open Shelving in Kids’ Bedrooms

Children’s bedrooms can get cluttered and messy quite quickly, especially with all those imaginative games they love to play. Strategic storage solutions are a great way to minimize the mess and add charm and flair to their rooms. Open shelving is one of the best ways to add storage to your child’s room in a decorative manner. Here are four ways to use open shelving in kids’ bedrooms.

Create Bookshelves

The first way to use open shelving in your child’s bedroom is by creating bookshelves. If your child is an avid reader and has lots of books, you can make a DIY bookshelf out of open shelves. All you have to do is get a few shelves, then place them on the wall vertically above one another. Just make sure to take the proper measurements and leave enough space between each shelf for your child’s books.

Make a Space for Toys

Making a space for toys is another way that you can utilize open shelving in your kid’s bedroom. Toys are one of the main culprits of messes in a child’s room, so you want to come up with creative ways to keep the toys off the floor. If you hang open shelves on the walls, you can place your children’s toys there neatly.

Add a Décor Display

The third way to utilize open shelves in a child’s bedroom is by adding a décor display. If you have an older child who wants to decorate their room and add personal touches to their living space, you can use open shelving to do so. Allow your child to pick where they want their shelves to be, and you can help to install them. Then once you hang the shelves, your kid can decorate them with pictures, knickknacks, and other favorite items they want to show off and display.

Act as a Trophy Case

Open shelving can also act as a trophy case in a kid’s bedroom. Suppose your child plays sports like baseball, soccer, tennis, football, gymnastics, and volleyball or participates in extra-curricular activities like math club, debate, theatre, etc. In that case, they may have a lot of trophies or awards. You want somewhere safe and visible for them to place these trophies in their room. You can hang open shelves to act as their own personal trophy case so they can show off their accomplishments with pride.

Now that you have different ways to utilize open shelves in a child’s bedroom, you can use these creative ideas in your home today. Right On Bracket offers modern shelf brackets that will help your child create the bedroom of their wildest dreams.

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