Creative Ways To Decorate a Faux Fireplace

Creative Ways To Decorate a Faux Fireplace

The good news is that you don’t need to have a working fireplace in order to have a gorgeous mantelpiece and eye-catching focal point in your living room. Installing or keeping a real fireplace means upkeep, cleaning procedures, and making sure that you are protecting yourself and your family from carbon monoxide as well as potential burns.

You also may be renting and unable to have a working fireplace put in or fixed. If you have small children, using a fireplace can seem especially risky, but there are alternative options. Following creative ways to decorate a faux fireplace will allow you the same ambiance with less work.

Create Your Mantel

There are many ways to create your mantel. You may want to build a structure (the overmantel) that starts from the floor and goes all the way to the ceiling. This can be done with wall decals, wood, tile, or stone. From there, you have some options for your mantelpiece. You could also use an established fireplace that isn’t in working order.

Additionally, you may build out a whole fireplace to fill with objects of your choice or simply install a floating mantel to create a shelf on the overmantel you’ve built. Right On Bracket offers fireplace mantel brackets to allow you to install a mantel shelf above your faux fireplace seamlessly and sturdily. Whether your over mantel is a decal background or constructed of stone, brick, or other material, the mantel itself will be a focal point, allowing for items or photos to be displayed and that will give the look and feel of a real fireplace.

Faux Fireplace Fillers

There are many ways you can fill your faux fireplace. Some people fill the entire space with cut logs and sticks. Others decorate with candles either on a stand or nestled carefully into logs. You may want to set it up to look as though you’ve built a fire that has not yet been burned. There are many ways to decorate this piece depending on your style preferences. It’s also possible to put a space heater in there that gives off heat and matches aesthetically.

Whichever design direction you choose, finding creative ways to decorate a faux fireplace will certainly add character to the room of your choice. The options you have to obtain the living room that you’ve envisioned are fairly boundless. A little imagination and perhaps a couple of searches on a DIY application or website can inspire you to create the fireplace décor of your dreams.