Hidden Shelf Brackets – Different Bracket Uses

Heavy Duty Hidden Shelf Brackets

Hidden Shelf Brackets

Right On Bracket provides several different sizes of hidden shelf brackets. Providing 8″, 10″, 12″, and 15″ options from the edge of the mounting plate to the edge of the bracket. When installing these hidden shelf brackets, take the drywall into account. If you have 1/2 drywall and install a 12″ hidden shelf bracket on the edge of a 2 x 4, 11.5″ will be protruding from the wall.

An installation trick is since the mounting plate is 2.5″ wide, you may mount it back up to 1.5″ back on the 2 x 4 if you need extra space. This gives you a little room for error when your estimating what size hidden shelf bracket you need.

Heavy Duty Hidden Shelf Brackets
Heavy Duty Hidden Shelf Brackets

Installing shelf brackets can be tricky as everything needs to be level and even. If you need some help with installing hidden shelf brackets, watch this video for some pointers.

Modern Hidden Shelf Brackets

Modern Shelf Brackets are a very popular product these days. However, you want to make sure a floating shelf bracket with a modern look has enough strength to support your shelf. Many shelf designs and brackets out there can’t support 50 pounds or more. With Right On Bracket Hidden Shelf Brackets, there is a solution to that problem.

Right On Bracket Hidden Shelf Brackets are made with 3/8″ American steel. This is extremely strong and 1 bracket can support a human and up to a couple hundred pounds. With that weight distributed across other brackets in a shelf, these brackets can through almost any weight capacity you throw at them.

Modern Shelf Bracket

Kitchen Shelf Brackets

When you put a shelf in the kitchen, it’s key to make sure that shelf can reliably hold weight. Plates, glasses, appliances, and decorations can add up to a lot of weight. Without a good brace, shelves can bend and potentially fail.

The solution is to have a support bracket that is mounted to a sturdy spot and can withstand the weight. If you’re removing the drywall in a kitchen remodel, hidden shelf brackets are perfect if you need to support a shelf, cabinet, or bar with extra support.

Kitchen Shelf Brackets

Heavy Duty Brackets

If you’re looking for strength, heavy duty hidden shelf brackets are the perfect piece of hardware for your home. We make every piece of metal hardware by hand here in the United States. After we complete every piece of hardware, it’s hand inspected and packaged with care. When you use our products, you’ll notice how strong and well-made each product is.

The most common thicknesses we sell are 1/4″ and 3/8. These bracket thicknesses are strong enough for most application. If you’re looking for something extremely heavy duty, we can make 1/2 shelf brackets.

Heavy Duty Shelf Bracket