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Hook Shelf Brackets

Right On Bracket Hook Shelving Bracket

Our new Hook Shelf Brackets are perfect for supporting a standard shelf in any setting! Whether its in your walkway, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or living room, these brackets are a perfect addition.

Right On Bracket Hook Shelving Bracket
Right On Bracket Hook Shelf Brackets

Hook Shelf Brackets are designed to support a wood shelf between the front lip and back mounting plate. The mounting plate is screwed through drywall into a stud. This is very important, because drywall will NOT support the listed weight capacity. For a reliable and safe hold, these brackets need to be drilled directly into drywall.

Right On Bracket Hook Shelf Brackets also have a front lip for both shelf mounting reliability and style. The wood shelf is sandwiched between the back of the bracket and the lip. This prohibits a wood shelf plank to fall off the bracket. We also have two mounting holes on the bottom of the bracket You have the option to also screw into the bottom of the shelf, for added reliability.

The look of these brackets is modern, yet rustic. It’s a popular design on the market and we’ve seen these brackets used for several applications. In the bracket’s construction, we use reclaimed metal for that rustic look. Each bracket will have unique rust markings giving a rustic and worn look. The brackets are also clear coated, to prevent from rust and corrosion.

Right On Bracket Hook Shelf Brackets
Right On Bracket Hook Shelf Brackets

You also have the option to paint these brackets. If you don’t like the rustic look, you can paint these hook shelf brackets any color you like! We recommend using a primer so the color is very bold.

Right On Bracket Hook Shelf Brackets are perfect for nearly any setting. They have a unique modern, yet rustic look. If you don’t want rust displayed on the bracket, feel free to paint them! Once you have the bracket you’re looking for, you can trust a reliable hold. We make our shelf brackets in the USA and are weight tested for high strength. We have weight testing information on each product page, but make sure you don’t over-support the brackets.

If you’re looking for a bracket to withstand a high amount of weight, checkout our heavy duty shelving brackets or our heavy duty reinforced shelving brackets!

Thank you for choosing Right On Bracket!

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