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Right On Bracket Lip Shelf Bracket

Lip Shelf Brackets

Lip Shelf Brackets are designed to hold a wooden shelf with exact specifications. The bracket is mounted below the shelf and the lip secures the shelf. With added mounting holes on the bottom of the bracket, it allows for extra reliability. The Lip Shelf Brackets are perfect for any room in the house!

Right On Bracket Lip Shelf Brackets have several measurements to fit your shelves perfectly. We recommend going 1/2 wider than your shelves, because it will give you a little room for error. Even with this in mind, your bracket will be secured in place. Lipped Shelf Brackets are the best anchors for a shelf.

Our Lip Shelf Brackets have the mounting edge below the shelf. We have variations by length for the shelf and the actual mounting side. That way, you have the choice of an obvious or somewhat hidden bracket. We also place mounting holes that allow you to drill into the shelf itself. With the lip on the edge of the bracket as well, an extra mount into the shelf will add even more of a reliable hold.

We have a few photos of this piece of hardware in several settings. As you’ll notice, these brackets are perfect for any room in the house! Whether you have these shelf anchors in the kitchen, bathroom, living room, dining room, hallway, or laundry room, they’ll match with any setting.

These fabrication brackets come with a rustic look and a clear coating for protection from the elements. If they don’t match your room as well as you like, we recommend painting these brackets. We have several customs do this to match the room just they way they want. These rustic brackets can immediately look modern and bold look.

These Lip Shelf Brackets are perfect for any setting in your home. If you’re looking for something that can hold more weight, checkout our Heavy Duty Hidden Shelf Brackets. If you like the look of these but need a higher weight capacity, checkout our Heavy Duty Shelf Brackets.

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