Important Belongings to Hang Higher If There are Kids Around

Important Belongings to Hang Higher If There are Kids Around

What are the important belongings to hang higher if there are kids around? Everything—that’s the short answer. Kids, especially those under three, will grab everything they see. Anything and everything that is at their eye level is fair game. They want to see it, hold it, inspect it, and probably break it. If there are things in your home that you value, put them on a shelf and out of reach. The best thing you can do to protect your possessions and sanity is to get some strong top mount shelf brackets and start building shelves. Get everything of value up high and off the floor.

Anything Electronic

If it has blinking lights, switches, and knobs, it’s mesmerizing to a child. That attraction isn’t limited to small children; grown male children are drawn to electronics too. Call it a lifelong obsession. Electronics trend on the expensive side, so it’s a good idea to put them out of reach. There is a limit to how far up speakers, stereos, and DVD players can go. If they aren’t Bluetooth capable, they need to be near the TV.

Heirlooms and Pictures

For anything that has any kind of value, get it on the highest shelf in the house. If it has sentimental value and you cannot replace it, like a family heirloom, make sure it’s out of reach. Things that have monetary value are easily replaced. You can always buy another stereo or speaker; they are easily replaceable. The black and white photo of Great Grandma in the antique sterling silver picture frame can’t be replaced. Don’t tempt fate by leaving it where little hands can get ahold of it.


Trophies live in the same land as electronics. They are shiny and pretty to look at. Looking is never enough for a child, though. Looking leads to touching. You spent a lot of sweaty days practicing earning that soccer participation trophy in the seventh grade. Treat it with the dignity it deserves and put that trophy on a mantel over the fireplace for all to see.

Tablets and Phones

Smartphones and tablets are the holy grail for grabby kids with messy hands. It doesn’t take long for them to realize how amazing these devices are. The constant attention their parents give them makes the kids understand fast. Devices have it all: cool pictures, videos, crazy sounds, and music—they are irresistible. Don’t leave such a wonderful thing within a child’s reach. At best, they will lock you out of the device for 24-hours. At worst, they will drop and break the device after managing to order 25 cans of nacho cheese sauce on Amazon.

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