Typical Support Bracket Uses – What Will Your Build?

Building Shelves

Right On Bracket sells a variety of different countertop and shelving support brackets. We’ve had several customers use our brackets for unique projects, but they’re typically used for specific applications. Here are what our brackets are typically used for:

Granite Countertops

We have several heavy duty countertop brackets that will support all types of countertop applications. When a countertop is overhanging a half wall, it needs to be supported. If the countertop bends or too much weight is applied, it can break. This is where our countertop brackets come in handy.

Our more popular brackets are top mount countertop brackets and back mount countertop brackets. These brackets have a similar application and support overhanging countertops. The mount directly to a knee wall and are flush where the countertop will lay. This allows a granite or marble countertop to be firmly supported.

Granite Countertop Brackets
Supported Overhanging Granite Countertop

Heavy Duty Shelves

Modern shelves are becoming very popular. A great modern shelf is a “floating” shelf and Right On Bracket offers a heavy duty option. Our Heavy Duty Floating Shelf Brackets mount directly to the sides of wall studs with a 6 hole mounted steel plate. The plate is welded to a 3/8″ or a 1/2″ bracket that protrudes from the wall. Once the drywall is installed, only a steel bar will be visible for a shelf to rest on. This is extremely strong and hold a few hundred pounds.

Heavy Duty Floating Shelf Brackets are perfect to support several types of shelves. Regular wooden shelves, plywood, butcher block, etc. Once the shelves are installed, you don’t have to worry about what’s on top of them. These brackets will withstand a high amount of weight!

Right On Bracket also sells standard floating shelf brackets. These brackets aren’t as heavy duty, but they still hold a fair amount of weight. Plus, they’re much easier to install. You install them outside of drywall behind your shelves. Once installed, the dowels slide into the bracket, creating a floating look. Make sure to use a stud finder to locate the studs and install the brackets into them.

Heavy Duty Floating Shelf Brackets
Floating Bar

Wall Mounted Benches

We offer the Heavy Duty Floating Shelf Bracket in 1/2″ thickness. This is perfect for heavy applications like a bench. If you can have 3 of these brackets mounted to wall studs, you can have them support a bench that is “floating”.

If you want a larger bench with a bigger depth than 30″, we can make custom brackets with a reinforced bracket. Anything larger than 15″ can begin to bend with weight, so we add a reinforcement bar. This will reliable hold a couple people up reliably!

Bathroom Sink

Our 1/2″ Heavy Duty Floating Shelf Brackets are so strong, they’re even able to hold a granite sink! Just like our other applications, these mount directly to wall studs. With applications like this, we recommend using lag bolts to install the brackets to the studs. We also recommend using 3+ brackets on heavy applications. The more brackets working together, the higher the weight capacity!

Decorative Shelf Brackets

We have several 1/4″ shelf brackets made for decorative applications. These brackets don’t support a high amount of weight, but they’re not made to. They’re designed to look modern, rustic, and very unique!

We sell traditional shelf brackets, lip shelf brackets, and hook shelf brackets. They all support traditional wooden shelves and have a variety of size options. When you find the perfect shelves for your home, make sure to check out or variety of shelf brackets, as they’re modern and unique!

Fireplace Mantels

Right On Bracket has a fireplace mantel bracket in a variety of different sizes. This bracket is designed “float” a wooden mantel above a fireplace. Just like our Heavy Duty Floating Shelf Brackets, the Fireplace Mantel Bracket mounts directly to a wall stud on the side. Instead of a flat bracket, a solid steel dowel is welded to the mounting plate.

During installation, you will have to drill 3/4″ holes in your fireplace mantel. From here, the steel dowels will slide inside the mantel. Once installed, the bracket will be “floating” with no exposed support brackets!

Floating Fireplace Mantel

Right On Bracket Product Uses

These are just a few of the applications our brackets are used for. Our customers have been very creative in the past using our brackets on truck beds, flowerpot hanging, etc. They can have several different uses and if you think they’ll help you complete your project, reach out to us today!