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Floating Mantel Brackets | Fireplace Mantel Braces

Our fireplace mantel brackets are made from high-quality materials that provide full, dependable support.We exceptionally craft our fireplace metal mantel brackets to provide style, convenience, and support to the fireplace.Also, we can designed our Floating Mantel Brackets brackets to be completely hidden to give your fireplace that floating look.

If you can’t find the measurements that you require, we will create a custom bracket for you. Our custom fireplace mantel support brackets are crafted with the same integrity as our standard brackets. They are then hand inspected to ensure you are left with a product that will last.

Most noteworthy, our Floating Mantel Brackets are the pinnacle of quality—shop our inventory to experience their superiority for yourself. Above all the craftsmanship on the bad boys are top notch.

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