Fireplace Mantel Brackets – Installation Tips

Fireplace Mantel Bracket

A fireplace mantel is a heavy piece of material that will likely be in place for a long time. With heat sometimes very much a factor, a fireplace mantel needs to be supported with a reliable hold. Right On Bracket developed a bracket that will securely hold a fireplace mantel in place for a lifetime.

Similar to Right On Bracket Hidden Shelf Brackets, our Fireplace Mantel Brackets mount directly to the studs behind your drywall. The mounting plate has 6 holes to securely fit to the stud. Welded to the mounting plate is a steel 3/4″ dowel that sticks outside the drywall. Once your brackets are installed, drill a 3/4″ hole into your fireplace mantel. From here, fireplace mantel will fit perfectly to the brackets. You may also put a small amount of adhesive on the dowel for a secure hold.

Fireplace Mantel Bracket Installation Tips

Fireplace Mantel Bracket Installation

This is a pretty simple installation process, but keep a few things in mind. When installing fireplace mantel brackets or any Right On Brackets, measure twice install once. Measure and mark your bracket locations to make sure they’re all level. We recommend using a leveling laser to be very accurate. Also, you’re able to move the fireplace mantel bracket’s mounting plate on the edge of the stud or slide it towards the middle or back. If your fireplace mantel is short, you can make the bracket have a smaller extrusion out of the drywall.

We also recommend using a bracket or two more than you think. Like most of our products, you won’t see a fireplace mantel bracket once installed. If you install a few more brackets to ensure a strong hold, there is no downside here. We ensure the strength of all our products, but it’s also better to be safe.

Fireplace Mantel Brackets are a great support bracket for your new mantel. They’re hidden, create a “floating” look, and are extremely strong. These brackets will last a lifetime and are extremely easy to install. Checkout Fireplace Mantel Brackets from Right On Bracket today!

Fireplace Mantel Bracket Installation

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