Reclaimed Wood | Shelves & Counter-Tops

Whether you’re putting in a counter-top or a set of shelves, you can trust Right On Bracket to supply you with strong hardware. Now when it comes to seeing the final product, you need to make sure you have a beautiful and strong piece of material. If you want to work with wood and want a nice rustic yet modern feel, checkout Dusty Lumber Company. Reclaimed wood is the real deal and will last a lifetime in your home. This is such a great product because it’s strong and looks great in any home! Dusty Lumber Company can provide you with reclaimed wood planks that can go on any wall or half wall. The installation is as easy as nailing the planks directly into your current wall. If you’re going to use one of our brackets, contact Dusty Lumber Company for a fireplace mantel or floating shelves. They can also do counter-tops! We recommend Dusty Lumber Company because they’ve been doing high quality work for some time and use the best quality materials. Here is a link to some of their work on their Instagram page. If you’re using brackets from Right On Bracket and want to work with rustic wood, we recommend Dusty Lumber Company. Their a Canadian based company but will ship all over the U.S as well!

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