Supporting Wood Slabs | Bar-Tops and Mantels

Right On Bracket has a large variety of reliable steel brackets to hold up granite, marble, quartz or any heavy piece of stone. However, they also work great for wood too! If the wood is a fresh cut or reclaimed, it will be extremely heavy and need a start support bracket to keep in place, Far West Forests is based out of California and they have a large selection on wooden slabs and mantels perfect for our support brackets. They also have creative burls, bases, stumps, and other creative pieces. They also have over a dozen types of wood they’re able to work with. We’ve had our customers use our counter-top and shelving brackets for all types of custom projects, and these products would work great as well! If you’re in the market for a wooden mantel for a fireplace or something creative, make sure to support it with our hearth/mantel bracket. These support brackets are extremely strong and mount directly into the studs behind the drywall. You will then drill 3/4″ holes into your mantel, where the bracket will fit snug. This will provide a reliable hold you can trust. If you are looking to purchase one of their products and want to use one of our brackets to support your new piece, we recommend using 1/2″ brackets. It might seem overkill, but these are very heavy pieces of wood. We want to ensure that your new piece is safety secure for a lifetime. When it comes to safety, make sure you’re spacing your support brackets appropriately. For example, if you’re using a live edge wooden slab that’s an inch thick, we recommend spacing your brackets about 16″ apart. This will provide a secure and reliable hold. Also, we recommend using a right angle bracket or a back mount bracket. These support brackets can withstand a higher weight capacity than a typical top mount bracket. If you’re looking for a custom wood piece for your home, Right On Bracket recommends Far West Forests. They have a fantastic reputation and have been providing high quality products for years. If you do reach out to them, make sure you use a Right On Bracket for the support!

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