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The Benefits of a Fireplace Mantel

The Benefits of a Fireplace Mantel

Fireplace mantels are hooded pieces designed to fit over a fireplace. They sport intricate designs and artwork along with jambs, a mantel shelf, and external space for fireplace accessories. Fireplaces aren’t as common in homes anymore, but here are some of the benefits of a fireplace mantel to consider for your home.

Comes in a Wide Variety of Styles

Many homeowners install stone or brick fireplace mantels due to the many varieties available. With many colors and styles to choose from, each material offers elegance and aesthetic appeal. The most common styles are mortared, carved stone, and cast stone. Mortared styles encase stone or brick in mortar. Each piece is roughly cut and placed for a hard-edge, rougher design. Carved stone is more expensive, but it offers more precise cuts. The higher-grade stone, usually marble or limestone, has a refined cut for a cleaner look. Lastly, cast stone is inexpensive and lightweight without sacrificing aesthetics. The stone or brick is placed in a mold to give the look of hand-carved materials without the higher cost.

Displays Prized Possessions

Fireplace mantels were historically popular shelving options for clocks in England. The mantel clock was a small house clock used from the Gregorian era (1700s to 1830s) to the Victorian era (1830s to 1901). Even today, many people enjoy using the extra shelving space as an interior design alternative that allows them to present certain items for others to see. People commonly use their mantelpieces to display trophies, certificates, and other prized possessions. Floating mantelpieces keep your items away from the heat and flame from the fire.

Shields the Fireplace

More practically, one of the benefits of a fireplace mantel is that it shields the fireplace. Stone and brick mantels are decorative ways to protect your home from the smoke and flames from the fire. These materials don’t crack or splinter from high heat and pressure, protecting any mantel mirrors and mantel paintings hanging above from the fire’s intensity.

Increases Market Value

Lastly, fireplace mantels increase a home’s market value. As we previously mentioned, mantels were historically elegantly designed furnishings surrounding a fireplace, reflecting the architecture from that time. Today’s mantelpieces often incorporate architectures from different periods. They’re excellent interior elements that enhance a room’s beauty and sophistication. Homebuyers will notice the intricacy of each mantel and its unique style or design.

When you’re installing your fireplace mantel, be sure to use the correct floating mantel bracket. Our fireplace mantel brackets are the ideal solutions for creating a floating mantel above your fireplace. Their heavy-duty design ensures whatever material you use remains in place. With dowel lengths of 6.5”, 9.5”, and 12.5”, you’ll find the right mantel bracket for your apartment, condo, or house. Call us today with any questions, and our team of experts will gladly assist you.

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