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The Standard Overhang of a Kitchen Countertop

The Standard Overhang of a Kitchen Countertop

If you’re planning to remodel your kitchen, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the standard measurements you’re going to be using. For countertops, in particular, knowing what measurements to follow will help you plan ahead and make any necessary changes before you begin. Read this article to achieve the standard overhang of a kitchen countertop and discover other insightful info for your kitchen renovation project.

Why It Matters

The measurements for a countertop overhang are important for their functionality. Overhangs help protect the cabinets and draws beneath as well as prevent crumbs and spills from falling off. Without standard measurements in place, it would be a lot more difficult to achieve a nice finished look for your countertops.

The Measurements

The measurements for a countertop depend on their purpose. Will you be going for a standard countertop? A raised bar top? Or perhaps a kitchen island countertop? The measurements below are standard for most homes. However, it’s important to note that they may not be applicable to your project if you have custom ordered countertops and cabinets. Always be sure to double-check before you begin.

  • Standard Kitchen Countertop: 1 ½ inches over the base cabinet.
  • Raised Bar Top: If you have a raised bar top, the standard height is between 42 and 48 inches tall with the overhang being 12 inches over.
  • Kitchen Island Countertop: 12 Inches over.

Things To Keep in Mind

Now that you know the importance of overhang measurements and what their standards are, you’ll also want to keep in mind what kind of hidden countertop brackets you’ll be using. For standard countertop overhang, you’ll want to use a flat countertop bracket. For raised bars and kitchen islands, you’ll want to use an L countertop bracket. Depending on the type of counters you use, you may need stronger brackets. Granite, for example, is heavier and requires a stronger bracket.

As previously mentioned, countertop overhang can depend on various things, such as the type of countertop you’re using and the size of your cabinets. The standard overhang of kitchen countertops provided here are based on the typical measurements you would find in most homes. Always keep in mind that these numbers are subject to change depending on the different factors of your project.

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